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If you go to the Hyperlink Security website you’ll  find 3 reasons why HyperLink  believes they are your best choice.   “Excellent Customer Service” is one and “…you will receive expert service, reliability, and high quality, name brand equipment” is another.

In early February we discovered that our HyperLink Security system was not being monitored.  On or about Feb 5 they sent their troubleshooter who said we needed to call Bright house (who furnishes our phone service) because the alarm could not call out.

Bright House came out on Feb 10 and tested the phone system thoroughly.  The Security system was seizing the line as it was supposed to and trying to call out.  We could plug a phone into the phone jack in the Security system control box and make a call just fine. Our fax worked fine.

We then called HyperLink Customer service on Feb 10, got no answer and left a message.

We called again on Feb 11, got no answer and left a message.

We called a direct number on Feb 12, got no answer and then sent an e-mail indicating what had happened thus far and reminding them that “We are paying monthly as per the contract but the system is Not being monitored apparently because of security system hardware problems….Please be kind enough to give us a call so we can get this corrected“.

We got an email response that she had been sick and would call us on Feb. 13.

Instead, another troubleshooter called us and walked through a couple of troubleshooting steps and indicated he would need to come out.

By Feb 24 we had not heard from either the troubleshooter or HyperLink, so we called HyperLink again, got the answering machine again and sent another e-mail that read in part “Our system is still not being monitored for fire or breakin and the emergency buttons for medical, fire and police are useless. By not replying you are acting in bad faith and putting me and my family at risk.”

Finally we got a call. Hyperlink’s position was

  • It’s not our fault.  The problem is that your Bright House modem won’t work with our equipment (remember the “high quality, name brand equipment” touted on the Hyperlink website?)
  • The only way to fix it is to hook up a cellular caller to the Security system ( cost about $230 plus an additional $10/month for the cell tower charge)
  • Since it is not Hyperlink’s fault, the only way to fix it is for ME to pay for the cell and the additional monthly charge
  • When I told them I had a contract for a monitored system at $32.05 a month, she indicated yes and they were going to hold me to the contract whether I paid for the cellular system or not ….because it’s “not their fault
  • I reminded her that it wasn’t my fault either.   It seemed to me it was that the equipment provided would not work with my phone service.
  • She had to run to another appointment and would call me later that day when she got back

Two days later on Feb 26 I e-mailed her again because I still had not gotten a Call or any other contact.   It read in part “My belief is still that you are holding me to my side of the contract without fulfilling your side, but it will be too costly to fight it and I am more concerned with having the system working”.    I did not want them turning the account over to a bill collector or messing up my credit so I capitulated.  The cell was installed on March 3 and I wrote a check for $278.20.

We had HyperLink installed about 10 years ago and then had it installed in my mother-in-law’s house and then in my son’s house.  The owner has died since then and the new person obviously has a different attitude about customer service. Instead of just repeating over and over “it’s not our fault” Hyperlink could have paid for the cell and then I could pay for the additional monthly payment.  I’m sure during the past 10 years they have made a lot more than the $230 cell cost off our contract and that relationship could probably have continued for another 10 years.

My contract is up in March 2016 and there is no way in hades that I would stay with this company.  My guess is they will lose a lot more than $230 for their shortsighted decision making.

If you decide to go with HyperLink Security, I hope your experience is better than mine!



I called am2pm for an estimate, they told me they needed my address for a quote. I gave it to them, but after hearing all the extra fees they charge I decided to go with another company. They showed up even though I told them I didn’t want to schedule an appointment and I was just asking for a quote. When I told them to leave they THREATENED me with legal action unless I paid them a “cancellation” fee. These are the worst kind of people, and they are liars. You can even see their receptionist “crystal” trying to lie and cover up all the times they screw people over on this site. DON’T trust them.

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The website ‘LandofFree’ is a gatherer of data on the internet that permits people to rate a company AND make comments. The problem is that anyone with an anonymous name can make outrageous, negative, and untrue comments that have nothing to do with reality. We have sent an email with no reply and no phone number is available to reach them at. These people are unaccountable. I would not recommend this site until they make themselves accountable/available.

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wonderful meal, will absolutely return

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horrible experience. charged me $ 395 for a 10 minute replacement of air conditioner capacitor : $ 100 just to come out, another $ 95 “diagnostic fee” when they knew it was most likely to be the capacitor, the rest for parts & labor. (i found the capacitor online for a few dollars). the entire service took 10 minutes ! what a rip-off !

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horrible experience. charged me $ 395 for a 10 minute replacement of air conditioner capacitor : $ 100 just to come out, another $ 95 “diagnostic fee” when they knew it was most likely to be the capacitor, the rest for parts & labor. (i found the capacitor online for a few dollars). the entire service took 10 minutes ! what a rip-off !

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My husband bought 2 WM WHopper w/ cheese for take out. And i am very dissapointed with the taste because it was burned. How come they still served it,it was really black in color. I even took a picture of it. He bought it at Exchange FTWAINWRIGHT BURGER KING…Store#6565

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After seeing several times when driving on 21st (main rd in Lewiston Id) a Burger King sign that states ” 50¢ Icecream cones until the 31st” I promise my several children that if they continue to help the next couple days & work in the house I will buy us all a treat. We are a family that doesn’t have the means to buy Icecream much. So after hard work & a blazing hot day we head to get the promised icecream. We get to the Bk & I hear them talking about a bunch of drama &I down talking another employee instantly. That’s before they greet us. I order the several Icecreams & they say “we are out of Icecream, no shakes, no iced coffee & a whole list of stuff they were out of. ” my children were so sad. The employee was rude & non apologetic. This would have been acceptable but it seems the last several times we have been to Burger King there has been a shortage of something & the customer service has been horrible. PLEASE Get some Management that can be responsible & have the qualities need to run a restaurant in a manor that is customer friendly.

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The Renaissance Company, general contractor, is highly unprofessional. I requested several times in emails, phone messages & in person for a written estimate, but the owner refused to provide the information. He also did not answer an email regarding the price of products needed for the job. He did not follow through with a referral to another workman so I could discuss a problem. Owner stated that he usually does not handle job under $5,000. After that he seemed uninterested in my job. Because of his refusal to follow through with information I wasted time & effort. I will never recommend this company.

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For lunch today I went to Dairy queen and got my kids each a kids meal and got me a meal. What really pissed me off was I get to the window they are in a HUGE hurry to take the money and then sat there for 12 min. with 2 kids in the car waiting for our food. one person was in there messing with a cell phone and 2 other employees were in there chating with one another. then after what seemed like a forever wait I get home only to find that my pork tenderlone was BLACK!!!! Didn’t even bother going back because I got better things to do then wait another 12 min for a sandwich. I will never ever go there for a meal again.

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The website ‘LandofFree’ is a gatherer of data on the internet that permits people to rate a company AND make comments. The problem is that anyone with an anonymous name can make all sorts of outrageous comments that have nothing to do with reality. There is a recent immigrant from India named Subdaheep Chakrabarti who I had the misfortune of having an argument with almost 3 years ago and since then he has been slandering me relentlessly. This site does not permit any recourse nor does it provide even an email address and phone number so it’s impossible to know who is running the site and how to reach them.

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I wanted a new look. A co-worker and I went to Dressbarn my very first time there, and let me tell you I had the most wonderful time there. I was trying on dresses every body were giving their likes and dislikes there was this sale lady name Rita I told her that I had a cousin name Rita also we had so much fun, even other shoppers were joining in on the fun I think that the way if should be I had the most Great time threr in Menorial and not to mention all what I could not buy I had the change to put on Layaway now that was good ,because we sometimes do not have money dnce we pay the bills.That was my first time at a Dressbarn, but I promise you it will not be my last. I like going to stores where people know you and glad to see you .If more stores were like more friends than a business I think that would be a great place to shop .Not only would I be back to Dressbarn to shop, I would like to see the ladies who work there as well their what they think as how an outfit looks. Hey I had a great time, my co- worker did as well.Keep up the good service ladies See you next week Angela

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I had a man knock on my door and he begged me, he had to show 3 more vacuums. I said OK> this was 11am. at 230pm I woke him up from my easy chair and ask him to go. I had to leave. Vern said his back hurt so bad. he had to sell more. I said NO I can not buy one now. so he ask if he could use the bathroom. he did and came back and said he had to rest. he slept in my chair. then got up use the bathroom again and he came out and needed to rest more. he let me clean up his mess he left foam on my carpet. I never saw the shampooer work, he hurt too bad to do it. I feel he was there to check my home out. H ask to vacuum my bed too. he said the unit is 2800.00 after we were done it was 1000.00 I still said NO. so he rested again then I said I have to go so he did too. SOME SALESMAN!! I CAN NOT FIND ANY ONE TO COMPLAIN TO. WHY!!

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Over the course of a few years I had purchased several photo albums and fillers from Century Plastics of California. Suddenly an order did not arrive when it should. I called the company and was informed the order would arrive in a couple of months (back ordered). After it did not arrive when promised I contacted them again and got the run around. I contacted the BBB in their area and was informed they did not respond. I later found out by searching the net that they had pulled this act on many people who lost lots more than I did. I finally got an e-mail from them that they had reorganized (to that effect anyhow) and would like for me to order some of their products. I replied to them that I DID NOT want to place an order and to please ship my order they had not shipped. I have heard nothing from them since.

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August 6, 2012

So, I went to the Sprint phone store the other day in an attempt to have my son’s phone restored from “Military stand-by” status in preparation for his return. I had been in the day before and was told to return with the necessary information. In February my son had placed the phone on the status when he left for Afghanistan. She then handed the phone to me so I could verify information. I provided the security PIN and other necessary information. The operator on the other end of the line said “no problem”. After a few minutes on hold he came back and explained the account had been closed, although I personally paid the last bill in February of this year. He added that a payment was needed to restore the phone to service. I made the payment and again was told “no problem”. He then said he would connect me with account services to re-activate the phone.

After an hour or so on hold my call was disconnected. The representative called me back and said he was sorry, but the account services people were busy and apparently lost the call. This all started at 9:00 am and it was now almost 11:00. Finally I spoke with account services. The person spoke very little English and began explaining that I needed to make a payment or the service would be cut off. I tried explaining that a payment had just been made, but she didn’t seem to care or want to listen. Abruptly she stopped talking for about a minute, laughed and said she thought she was still talking with a previous customer.

Never did get the phone connected. They finally said the billing address I gave was not in their service area, although it’s the same address my son used when he started his plan over a year and a half ago. Eventually I asked to speak with a supervisor, but was told that I could not speak with one because the supervisor couldn’t help me either. These people are inept.

I sincerely hope this is an isolated incident. Our military personnel deserve more. I thought it would be nice to provide my son with the ability to communicate with friends and relatives when he returned, but Sprint apparently doesn’t care that much about our military personnel.

I posted the above on Facebook. A friend forwarded it to the Sprint Facebook page. Within a few minutes she received three emails from Sprint. These were forwarded to me. I was instructed to email “Sprint cares” which I did. Have yet to hear from them.

This post was submitted by Frank Jermy.

Glas Kleen – worst window company ever. very unrealiable. The so called owner, Clansie, takes advantage of unsuspecting seniors.

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I called the Roy utah jiffy lube on midland Rd was told $42 for an oil change. I got there and they pulled my 2 week air filter out and rubbed dirty grease on it and they wanted $90 for the oil change. I said no I will leave. We went out and they had already drained the oil. They are crooks. Stay away from jiffy lube. They are all over the rip off report.

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I purchased a Blackberry playbook in April/12. I can not access internet. After numerous hours on the phone with a Blackberry technician, I still can not use the playbook. Blackberry will not exchange or refund the purchase price of this playbook. It is very frustrating!!!

This post was submitted by Faye Pouliot.

There Design and the owner Katy is the saddest company I have seen in years. I cannot believe this woman, Katy, publically speaks of her employees in a very negative manner,UNPROFESSIONAL. Some might call it slander. I call it stupid. This firm will be not on my list for design work when I heard what I heard from her lips and how she plans to screw over her employees. Can one imagine what she would do to a client. I’ll will never take that chance and anyone out there with any sense of fairness and humanity would run. Shame on this woman who may have encountered problems in her past is doing the same to her employees as they slave for her to make her a success. She must have been a badly beaten dog that only knows how to attack.

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I went 2 bk late last night with three other adults and we were all upset when we left ordered a few thins one being a ice cream cone the mgr was taking money and fixing food not once did she wash her hands her fingers were all on my cone i asked for my dollar back she insisted i take the cone trying 2 show me that her hands were on the paper after passing it 2 the other girl at the window like i was not looking at her this is the same mgr that i had a problem with a week ago same thing about an ice cream cone i had another girl fix me another cone that day also only to get all the way home last night about a 4 minute drive for my sons double cheeseburger 2 have 2 be put n the microwave because it was so cold how is your burger cold but not your onion rings? I thought the customer was always right well last night i was upset and for burger kings slogan to be have it your way i didnt get my way last night!!!!! horrible and the girl at the window had an attitude also wow!!!!!

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